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Oil painting

Painting with oil color is a special art field because of its equipments that preparing them is not very hard and not very easy and it will have little cost for you. But the created art with oil color is more valuable in comparing with other method works like watercolor or the other methods of painting , But just in value not the art value. The expensive equipment of oil painting is the main reason of being valuable created works with oil color.

The equipments



The canvas is the main screen that you must paint on it that is made from a wooden frame. A cotton cloth is stretched on the frame and is covered with special glues to absorb the oil color better. You can find different sizes of canvas.

Art oil color


Art oil color is one of the other equipments of this art and it can be prepared in different brands , volums and prices.


For performing the color on the canvas you need oil painting brushes with different forms for making different shapes. The brushes are made from a wooden or plastec handle and animal hairs or special fibers on it.

Palette knife


palette knife is one of the intresting equipments of the oil painting that can do different things like taking color and mixing the colors and even paint with it. Painting with palette knife is a special method of painting that is depends on your style that is completly personal.



Palette is a plate like with a hole in it to put the thumb finger in it and putting colors on it to have them in touch.

Painting tripod


For easing your work and fixing the canvas in a place to dont move you need a painting tripod that has a adjustable place to hold the canvases in diferrent sizes.

Paint thinner

oil painting thinner-تینر نقاشی رنگ روغن

Paint thinner is for cleaning brushes after use or making colors diluted.

The other equipments

A box for keeping colors , a box for keeping brushes , a piece of cloth for cleaning brushes after cleaning with thinner or cleaning palette knife or cleaning probably messing around.